Three 'showcase' applications using publicly-available data and managed by Emc3 which cover all the Géoclip features.

Discovering France

France découverte
'Discovering France' is a general statistics observatory for the whole of France, supplied with publicly-available data.
The statistics concern the population, housing, economic activities, equipment, the environment, etc. As far as geography is concerned, the maps are broken down into communes, cantons, postal codes, employment areas, départements, regions.

Discovering Europe

Europe découverte
The 2d demonstration which can still be used free-of-charge, widens the context while focussing on the European Union. The main data source is Eurostat: the themes dealt with are population, economy, agriculture and the environment. The geographic nomenclature is that of the Nuts statistical units; the lowest level corresponds to French départements, the highest to the country as a whole.

World Atlas

World Atlas
A big brother of 'Discovering Europe', World Atlas enables you to visualize key statistics by state...
The themes proposed concern demography, the economy and development. The oldest results date from 1950 and come from several international institutional sources. UNO, the World Bank, Happy Planet Index, etc.