One 'showcase' application using publicly-available data which cover all the Géoclip features.


France Découverte is a full demonstration to test Géoclip, with all the features available to users. This observatory, open to all, now operates with a Géoclip Air engine, the latest generation of Géoclip.
The France Découverte user, whether a student, teacher, journalist, economic actor or simply a curious citizen, will enjoy exploring France from a statistical point of view, thanks to a fast, intuitive and fun interface!


This European observatory relies on Eurostat's geographic and statistical databases to disseminate local statistical data and geolocalized indicators on various themes on the 37 countries of the European zone.
This demonstration uses the Eurostat Nuts nomenclature, which includes four geographical levels - from Nuts0 to Nuts3; it also highlights a specific map layer showing population estimation per 1-kilometer tile.