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Observatory homepageObservatory of the Charente-Maritime territories

The Geo17 platform launches its Observatory of the Charente-Maritime territories. In this new departmental observatory, powered by Géoclip Air, several themes are highlighted on the home page: population, family/household, housing, economy/employment, travel, service/equipment, taxation/income, territory. It is a convenient shortcut to quickly find the indicators for a given theme. For each theme, default indicators are proposed. For example, here is the link to go directly to the map illustrating the travel theme.

To provide easy access to organised and layouted information, the observatory makes use of the report editing functionality, which is divided into 7 sections, on the themes of demography and housing. This is a powerful means of making comparisons between different territories. For example, here is the link to access the report on the evolution of the population of the community of communes of the Ile d'Oléron.

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