Geolip at the disposal of territories

Observatories for any territories

No matter the size of the territory, Géoclip Server deploys all its visualization, representation, analysis and synthesis power. This is the choice made by the Val de Garonne Agglomération intermunicipal establishment, as well as the municipality of Clichy-sous-Bois.

In Geoclip Air’s kitchen: backups and replication

In the previous articles about Géoclip Air, the new version of Géoclip, we talked about the most visible part: the user interface. However, our renovation project goes even further and also includes the tools for Géoclip administrators.

Observatoire de l'intercommunalité de la région Paca

An intermunicipality observatory for the PACA region

For any territory, at different periods, the observatory offers two portraits of territory: a statistical summary and a detailed report.

Ready for a new era, for a new Air

Adobe has officially announced the end of Flash: its support will stop at the end of 2020. This end was expected for some years, we are ready. With Géoclip Air, which we are making available this year, in 2017, our users already have the opportunity to benefit from an HTML5 platform fully compatible with the technologies of today and tomorrow.

pilote41 à la une

An interactive socio-economic atlas for Loir-et-Cher French department

An example of what the administrators of Geoclip O3 observatories think: "We have been seduced by several features of the product ... the list of possibilities is long and we are still discovering them every day."

import de données

Raising the curtain on Géoclip Air : next episode…

Here is a second demo video of Geoclip Air, which shows how to use the workspace intented for importing data. Based on our "home made" observatory France découverte, this video shows how to map public data downloaded from the platform.

Tout ce que Géoclip sait faire

If you knew all that Geoclip can do!

Geoclip knows how to organize large choices of localized statistical data, to represent them on maps and to highlight geographical distributions. Geoclip is also able to propose more original representations, for more specific data. Here are three examples, which may perhaps seem anecdotal, but which show all the power contained in the model on which geoclip is based.

cartographie électorale

Raising the curtain on Géoclip Air

Here is a first look at the new version Géoclip Air, with a video taking as an example the results of the presidential election in France.

Conecta SUS

Géoclip in Brazil

In early January, two members of the Emc3 team traveled to Brazil to assure the training of the technicians from the Goiás health secretariat and learn them how to manage Géoclip O3 Server.

Calendrier de l'avent

Waiting for christmas 2016

Au printemps 2017, Géoclip O3 va céder la place à Géoclip Air.
Pour patienter en attendant les fêtes de fin d'année, venez découvrir chaque jour, non pas un chocolat, mais une des nombreuses nouveautés de cette prochaine version de Géoclip dans notre calendrier de l'avent