Healthcaring in Ile-de-France - Cartography of private practise doctors

This cartography is an interactive tool that makes it possible to locate where the independent doctors are installed, for 18 specialties, from anaesthetists to stomatologists, including general practitioners, paediatricians, radiologists, etc.

The website Healthcaring in Ile-de-France is published by the "URPS médecins libéraux d'Île-de-France". It provides resources to help doctors settle in, including detailed mapping of medical demographics.

Several indicators are available: number of doctors, density according to the number of inhabitants, average age, variation 2009-2017, distribution by sex and age compared to 55 years. Maps are available by commune and arrondissement or by département. In addition to the maps, summary sheets by indicator and reports can also be produced.

This is a very concrete and directly operational use of Géoclip Air, made available at the click of a button to healthcare professionals and, more broadly, to the general public.

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