Application web légère et rapide

Interactive maps
& dataviz

Géoclip is a powerful and fast
data-visualization software
for your statistical and location data.
As a full web solution,
it is easy to deploy,
on Internet or intranet.

Géoclip multisupport

Adaptative, smooth,

Géoclip adapt
to all media,
wherever you may be,
in a meeting or in the field.

Le contenu de Géoclip peut être exporté et réutilisé facilement.

Géoclip, your tool
for territorial

Analyse all levels of territories
and compare them.


Dynamic maps and data-visualization,
online statistical software

Geoclip O3

With Géoclip Air, put your location data on line, with visual maps and interactive dashboards

Truly interactive cartography, a wide range of intuitive, geographic navigation and selection tools, state-of-the-art thematic analyses, customized reports and portraits of territories.



One 'showcase' application managed by Emc3 which cover all the Géoclip features.


France découverte is a full demo to test Géoclip, with all the features available to users. This observatory, open to all, now operates with a Géoclip Air engine, the latest generation of Géoclip.
The France découverte user, whether a student, teacher, journalist, economic actor or simply a curious citizen, will enjoy exploring France from a statistical point of view, thanks to a fast, intuitive and fun interface!


Géoclip News

Canton de Neuchâtel

User's word: "a solution that is quite unique on the market"

The geo-observatory that we have just added to the list of Géoclip Air projects is particularly close to our hearts. It is the statistical Atlas of the Neuchâtel canton. We give the floor to Marc Riedo, project manager of this Neuchâtel atlas, who kindly agreed to answer a few questions about his experience with Géoclip.
Observatoire des Territoires

Output a synthetic analysis about a territory

The Commissariat général à l'égalité des territoires (CGET) is renovating the portal of the Observatoire des Territoires and is upgrading its mapping tool with the Géoclip Air interface. Here is all you need to analyse the characteristics of a geographical area or compare them with those of another territory. An inexhaustible tool of knowledge about France at the local level.

Géoclip Air observatories are blooming in spring

Since the Air version was released, the Géoclip bouquet has continued to evolve and grow. At the rate of about one new project published per month, it is becoming more and more abundant. It is now composed of about thirty flowers.
typologie des zones d'emploi (Insee Première 1752)

Display the specificities of employment areas
based on an INSEE study

How to use France découverte, the Géoclip showcase, to map local statistical data published in an Insee Première study? An illustration, with a typology of employment areas.

Isochronous lines as selection tools

How does Géoclip Air answer the question "How many people live in the municipalities located less than 30 minutes by road from my municipality? ». This is possible by relying on an isochronous trace.
explore dimensions indicators

Explore measles and influenza in all their dimensions

In a Géoclip observatory, maps, tables and graphs make it possible to explore indicators in all their dimensions: spatial, temporal, by range or by category. With Géodes, Santé Publique France takes full advantage of these various capabilities.
2 maps mode

Combine dataviz over the full screen width

The Indicators workspace offers several restitution modes, map, table and summary sheet, which can be combined to multiply interactions.
bonjour 2019

Hello 2019

Géoclip Air occupies an increasingly important place in the landscape of visualization and exploration tools for local statistical data. The year 2019 will see the consolidation and expansion of the features range. To allow these programmed evolutions, Emc3 is recruiting.
Toutes ses dents

Géoclip Air is one year old, and already has all its teeth!

40 Géoclip Air projects are delivered or on track, less than a year after the release of the new adaptive version of the observatory generator.

Our prices

Licence for Géoclip Server
17 000 €
For a given domain name. Purchasing of this licence entitles customers to build as many observatories for as many users as they wich.
Annual maintenance fee
3 000 €
The service includes corrective maintenance, upgrades and technical support. Corrective maintenance and upgrades are granted free for the first year.
On request
According to each customer's requirements: Support services, Tailor-made developments.