Application web légère et rapide

Interactive maps
and dashboards

Géoclip is a powerful and
fast data-visualization software
for your statistical & location data.
As a full web solution,
it is easy to deploy,
on Internet or on intranet.

Géoclip Air

Géoclip Air
new fully responsive
HTML5 version

- Adaptability and accessibility for all users
- More ergonomics, user side AND administrator side
- New features, including reporting and importing data

Application multi-support


Géoclip adapt
to all media,
wherever you may be,
in a meeting or in the field.

Open Data

Open Data Actor

Géoclip facilitates sharing
and re-using data.

Le contenu de Géoclip peut être exporté et réutilisé facilement.

Géoclip, your tool
for territory

Analyse all levels of territories
and compare them.

Géoclip, l'exploration intuitive et ludique des données

Géoclip, for intuitive and
playfool investigation.

A wide variety of
attractive displays
to highlight salient data.


Our offer: maps and data-visualization,
online statistical software

Geoclip O3

With Géoclip Air, put your location data on line, with visual maps and interactive dashboards

Truly interactive cartography, a wide range of intuitive, geographic navigation and selection tools, state-of-the-art thematic analyses, customized reports and portraits of territories.

Support services, for setting up
statistical observatories

We also offer complementary services to help you prepare maps and data. These services are optional. They also include the application testing phase and help installing it on the server.
Géoclip server can also be enhanced with specific features which may require further development, to be laid out in detailed technical specifications.



A responsive and supportive team.



Account managers who are commited to each project.



A versatile group of highly-qualified people


Géoclip News

Toutes ses dents

Géoclip Air is one year old, and already has all its teeth!

40 Géoclip Air projects are delivered or on track, less than a year after the release of the new adaptive version of the observatory generator.
Espace de travail Rapports

Drawing a portrait of a territory

Reports workspace, in Géoclip Air, allows you to obtain predefined reports in a few clicks, for any geographical area. These reports consist in rich and interactive datavisualizations: graphs, tables, maps. They also make it possible to compare two tailor-made territories.

How to use Géoclip to track your sales

Using Géoclip to monitor its sales, and more generally all its activities, is what the Sipa-Ouest-France press group has been doing for the past 4 years. This group, which owns the first regional daily press title in our country, Ouest-France, uses Géoclip to communicate its indicators to all collaborators...
Légendes des analyses thématiques

Put numbers in maps, to make them talk

Géoclip's ambition since its origin has been to generate "fine" maps, while allowing the user to "play" with the representation parameters. Playful and entertaining tools are better ways to appropriate the message displayed in the maps. This article reviews how the new Géoclip Air version is once again meeting this challenge.

From national to local for the Observatory of Frailty Situations

We were recently talking about this: the National Observatory of Frailty Situations has been upgraded to Géoclip Air. It is now the turn of the regional observatories to adopt the new platform. The enormous databases harmonised by the Carsat (Caisses d'Assurance Retraite et Santé au Travail), after collection from the organisations managing health and pension insurance, are thus just a click away for all the territories of the South of France: Carsat regions, administrative regions, overseas regions. The link now leads to the new Géoclip Air version of this observatory, initiated 6 years ago by the Carsat Languedoc-Roussillon.

Géoclip in Switzerland

In a Géoclip project, the skill-transfer takes place almost at the end, a little before the launching online. This is a special opportunity to meet the teams in charge of managing the observatory. It is in this context that 2 members of our team recently visited Geneva...

National Observatory of Frailty Situations moves to Géoclip Air

Thanks to Géoclip Air, the National Observatory of Frailty Situations of Carsat offices makes composite indicators of territorial diagnosis accessible, in a secure manner: the statistical secrecy rules are carefully respected. The publication of these indicators was made possible as a result of extensive work by the Carsats on methodological harmonisation between the different funds and pension schemes.
Sélection géographique

Selecting geographic units on a map

The geographic selection tools provided by a Géoclip Air observatory make it easy to define a customised territory by acting directly on the map or by defining conditions on the values of some indicators. Regardless of the geographical selection, the indicator values for the selection are computed automatically.
carte typologie évolution population

Playing with statistical data

Playing with statistics helps to understand and that's what Géoclip Air is all about. Here is an example, based on the data concerning the population evolution in France between 2010 and 2015, which has just been published by INSEE.


One 'showcase' application managed by Emc3 which cover all the Géoclip features.

France découverte
gets a new look

France Découverte changes its engine!
The same statistical data,
the same background cards,
but a completely new interface,
using Géoclip Air, fourth generation of Géoclip, even faster, even more powerful, even more intuitive, even more fun!
For the nostalgic, France découverte is still accessible for a while in its Géoclip O3 version..


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