Application web légère et rapide


Géoclip is a powerful and
quick web solution.
Available for everyone,
it is easy to deploy,
on Internet or on intranet.

Géoclip Air

Géoclip Air
new version

- HTML5: adaptability and accessibility
- More ergonomics, user side AND administrator side
- New features, including reporting and importing data
- Available for all in spring 2017

Application multi-support


Géoclip adapt
to all media,
wherever you may be,
in a meeting or in the field.

Open Data

Open Data Actor

Géoclip facilitates sharing
and re-using data.

Le contenu de Géoclip peut être exporté et réutilisé facilement.

Géoclip, your tool
for territorial management

Analyse all levels of territories
and compare them.

Géoclip, l'exploration intuitive et ludique des données

Géoclip, for intuitive and
playfool investigation.

A wide variety of
attractive displays
to highlight salient data.


Our offer

Geoclip O3

Géoclip Server

Truly interactive cartography, a wide range of intuitive, geographic navigation and selection tools, state-of-the-art thematic analyses, customized portraits of territories.

Support services

We also offer complementary services to help you prepare maps and data. These services are optional. They also include the application testing phase and help installing it on the server.
Géoclip server can also be enhanced with specific features which may require further development, to be laid out in detailed technical specifications.



A responsive and supportive team.



Account managers who are commited to each project.



A versatile group of highly-qualified people


Géoclip News

Sélection géographique

Selecting geographic units on a map

The geographic selection tools provided by a Géoclip Air observatory make it easy to define a customised territory by acting directly on the map or by defining conditions on the values of some indicators. Regardless of the geographical selection, the indicator values for the selection are computed automatically.
carte typologie évolution population

Playing with statistical data

Playing with statistics helps to understand and that's what Géoclip Air is all about. Here is an example, based on the data concerning the population evolution in France between 2010 and 2015, which has just been published by INSEE.

Visualize and compare zoning overlays with Géoclip Air

Géoclip Air proposes a new workspace dedicated to zoning. This allows you to search for a territory, list and visualize the encompassing territories, display and export the map or table, and compare 2 zoning overlays. It is a powerful tool for analyzing geographical divisions.

Geoclip, it's like an iceberg!

Performance, security and accessibility are three key points that we always have in mind. For the first two, Géoclip successfully passed the scalability and security tests carried out on behalf of INSEE. Fruit of an upstream work with a specialist service provider, Géoclip also achieves a good level of accessibility.
Insee Statistiques Locales

Insee's new Local Statistics tool, powered by Géoclip Air

INSEE has just launched a cartographic and statistical observatory dedicated to local statistics. It is a great satisfaction for our Emc3 team that the first project to see the light of day with the new version of our Géoclip Air software is the one dedicated to INSEE, the reference administration for official statistics.

Waiting for Christmas 2017

In December 2016, we invited you to follow us in an Advent Calendar, without chocolate, but which disclosed, day after day, the main innovations that the future new version Géoclip Air would propose. A year later, our 2017 Advent Calendar still won't offer you chocolate, but will show you in pictures how the announcements a year ago turned into reality.
France découverte avec Géoclip Air

France découverte in its new Géoclip Air clothing

TADAM!! France découverte changes its engine. It is now open to everyone in its new Géoclip Air version. We wish you a good... découverte ; -)
Geolip at the disposal of territories

Observatories for any territories

No matter the size of the territory, Géoclip Server deploys all its visualization, representation, analysis and synthesis power. This is the choice made by the Val de Garonne Agglomération intermunicipal establishment, as well as the municipality of Clichy-sous-Bois.

In Geoclip Air's kitchen: backups and replication

In the previous articles about Géoclip Air, the new version of Géoclip, we talked about the most visible part: the user interface. However, our renovation project goes even further and also includes the tools for Géoclip administrators.


Three 'showcase' applications managed by Emc3 which cover all the Géoclip features.

 Discovering France

France découverte
'Discovering France' is a general statistics observatory for the whole of France, supplied with public data.

Discovering Europe

Europe découverte
This 2d demonstration widens the context while focussing on the European Union and can still be used free-of-charge.

World Atlas

World Atlas
As a big brother of 'Discovering Europe', World Atlas displays key statistics by country.


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