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Géoclip is a powerful and fast
data-visualization software
for your statistical and location data.
As a full web solution,
it is easy to deploy,
on Internet or intranet.

Géoclip multisupport

Adaptative, smooth,

Géoclip adapt
to all media,
wherever you may be,
in a meeting or in the field.

Le contenu de Géoclip peut être exporté et réutilisé facilement.

Géoclip, your tool
for territorial

Analyse all levels of territories
and compare them.


Dynamic maps and data-visualization,
online statistical software

Geoclip O3

With Géoclip Air, put your location data on line, with visual maps and interactive dashboards

Truly interactive cartography, a wide range of intuitive, geographic navigation and selection tools, state-of-the-art thematic analyses, customized reports and portraits of territories.



One 'showcase' application managed by Emc3 which cover all the Géoclip features.


France découverte is a full demo to test Géoclip, with all the features available to users. This observatory, open to all, now operates with a Géoclip Air engine, the latest generation of Géoclip.
The France découverte user, whether a student, teacher, journalist, economic actor or simply a curious citizen, will enjoy exploring France from a statistical point of view, thanks to a fast, intuitive and fun interface!


Géoclip News

Estimation carroyée de population

Maps of grided population estimate in Europe

The Géoclip « Europe découverte » observatory uses statistical and geographical data published by Eurostat, the European Union's statistical office. It also features population estimate data per 1 km grid, which gives a very detailed picture of population distribution.
Géoclip Europe découverte

Setting up the base map to construct a Géoclip observatory

The Géoclip « Europe découverte » observatory uses statistical and geographical data published by Eurostat, the European Union's statistical office. It clearly illustrates the importance of the work involved in preparing the base maps to build an observatory. The essential element is the constitution of the geographical reference frame, which defines a unique identifier for each geographical unit, serving as a link between the map and the datasets.
Géodes homepage

Consult the data to follow the evolution of the pandemic with Geodes

Géodes is the Map Observatory of Public Health France. It is currently updated daily with statistical data for the follow-up of the Covid-19 pandemic. To cope with an unusual influx of connections, additional resources are being deployed and technical optimizations are being carried out.

Ciril GROUP's business continuity planning

Like everyone else, people working for Géoclip are coping with the context imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our hope is that everyone will find the resources to get through this exceptional situation in the best possible conditions. Within our teams, we are making every effort to ensure that our activities carry on. Ciril GROUP thus sets up a business continuity planning, whose objectives are to contribute to slow down the pandemic, while preserving the economic activity.

Exploring the health conditions in England

Local Health, released by Public Health England, provides access to a wealth of local statistical data on health in England. One of its distinctive features is to offer "area profiles", comparative diagrams, between a selected territory and the whole of England.

User's words: a federating tool for the CCI network in New Aquitaine

DataÉco is an online tool provided by the network of New Aquitaine region chambers of commerce and industry. It gives access to indicators and reports on territories covered by the 14 territorial CCIs and even beyond. The data proposed are taken from both "open data" databases and those managed by the CCIs.

The "Observatoire des Votes en France" is back

The Observatoire des Votes en France is a "home-made" observatory, just like France découverte. It allows us to illustrate by example the advantages of using Géoclip to explore, analyze and make sense of geolocalized statistical data. The OVF provides access to the results of all the elections held in France since 1995.

Connecting observatories

How to access indicators of one observatory from another observatory, for instance the "Observatoire des territoires" and "France découvert"? Thanks to the TJS standard, a Géoclip observatory can be both a client and a server, thus facilitating data sharing in an "open data" approach.

At the dawn of 2020, a 20-point overview

In the early days of 2020, here is a list of 20 points describing the current situation of Géoclip, the web-based geostatistical observatories generator.

Our prices

Licence for Géoclip Server
17 000 €
For a given domain name. Purchasing of this licence entitles customers to build as many observatories for as many users as they wich.
Annual maintenance fee
3 000 €
The service includes corrective maintenance, upgrades and technical support. Corrective maintenance and upgrades are granted free for the first year.
On request
According to each customer's requirements: Support services, Tailor-made developments.