Atlas de la santé mentale en France - Page d'accueil

Atlas de la santé mentale en France - Page d'accueil

Atlas of mental health in France (AtlaSanté) - The French regional health agencies

The Institute for Research and Information in Health Economics, the Directorate for Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health and the "AtlaSanté" project team (the geographic information portal of the Regional Health Agencies), are publishing an interactive atlas dedicated to mental health in France.

This geostatistical observatory is based on a number of localized databases and more than 350 indicators from a multitude of organizations producing data related to mental health. Discover data on different categories of populations and related to the general psychiatric health supply, the population followed for mental disorders, the management of patients, etc.

The objective of the Atlas of mental health in France is to "describing and monitoring mental health policies and their territorial variations, developing and monitoring shared territorial diagnoses or territorial mental health projects and proposing an analysis of territorial disparities in terms of supply, use of care and needs".

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