Geoclip O3

Géoclip Air is the latest version of Géoclip, the geostatistical observatories solution. It has been available to everyone since mid-2017.

  • A change of technology

    Bye bye Flash, hello HTML5! We enjoyed working with this powerful technology, including when it was not "fashionable"! We also take pleasure today to evolve towards the new technologies of the web.

  • A redesigned user interface

    - four contexts of use: indicators, zoning, reports, import
    - a clear separation between piloting and restitution
    - adaptive content, which can be consulted on any type of screen

  • A modernized administration module ...

    ... to simplify administrators' life: some wysiwyg tools to follow the updates step by step, a simplification of the aggregating and reporting procedures.

  • A watchword: Accessibility

    A tool accessible to people with disabilities, compatible with screen reading software, with the objective of reaching the AA level of the RGAA.

  • Expanded data import capabilities

    Still with a simple copy-paste, the user can also import temporal data, aggregate to higher geographic levels and use all cartographic representations, including "hedgehogs", streams and pie charts.

  • « Wired » programs

    ...not in the sense of "fashionable", but rather meaning "connected", because we remain engaged in the field of interoperability, with TJS exchanges, without losing anything on the Security.

For more details on Géoclip Air, read the articles on our blog