Géoclip 4.12.0 is available



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Géoclip 4.12.0 is available


Géoclip, Ciril GROUP's web-based GIS solution for geostatistical observatories, is regularly enriched to offer still more effective and differentiating features. Géoclip unveils its new version 4.12.0 to offer users and administrators new features on the TJS protocol side as well as improvements related to security, administration, the user interface, etc. for observatories.


Géoclip promotes shared knowledge of territories through the accessibility and exchange of statistical data, as evidenced by the TJS - Table Joining Service - exchange format, one of Géoclip's key assets. The TJS protocol of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) promotes interoperability and enables several databases to be connected to each other by means of web services in order to facilitate the sharing of geolocated data sets and/or indicators between observatories based on the Géoclip solution.


Géoclip 4.12.0 further facilitates the TJS configuration that enables to include statistical data from other observatories through the Administration module. Each administrator of Géoclip observatories can now provide additional data to their users instead of integrating them into their own application's database.

How? Choose the TJS server, dataset and indicator. The Géoclip team prepared a short tutorial to help you do this:

indicators TJS


Géoclip 4.12.0. also comes with many and varied improvements for users and administrators, including:

    • evolution of diagnosis tools to monitor the status of your Géoclip servers (PHP version, access to directories, remaining disk space, etc.);
    • SSO authentication - OpenID Connect;
    • OGC interoperability - CSW (Catalogue Service for the Web);
    • MySQL 8.0 support;
    • translation of the user interface into Arabic language;
    • filtering of the nomenclature modalities of an indicator according to the theme of the tree structure;
    • added settings related to the representation of flow maps;
    • iFrame reuse of graphics for the general public;
    • improvements to the replication module, etc.

Géoclip users, please have a look at the complete list of new features in the Géoclip 4.12.0 release note available in your Help Center.

Ciril GROUP will showcase these new features during the upcoming Géoclip webinars; please check the calendar and register now! Should you have any question about the Géoclip 4.12 new features and/or should you wish to upgrade your software product version, please do not hesitate to contact the Géoclip team.