Plans for 2016

This time last year, we were reviewing developments in 2014 and drawing up our plans for 2015. It is with great satisfaction that we report that all of last year’s plans came to fruition in 2015.

For the coming year, the main task will be to vigorously pursue the development of our new major, adaptive HTML5 version, which will see the light of day in a year’s time.

In the meantime, our current versions continue to grow and improve.

With the TJS standard, it will become possible to establish dynamic links between observatories, with access control and monitoring of traffic thus facilitated. An indicator in observatory A will therefore be able to be used more easily within observatory B, which will simplify administration and the updating of certain data.

Along the same lines, the Géoclip connectors will gradually help extend the possibilities of automated data loading.

The mobile version will be enhanced by flow maps and new options for reparameterizing symbolic type map analyses.