Developments in 2015 (part 2)

Following the retrospective about changes in the user interface, let us see the improvements added in order to facilitate the work of administrators:

  • Importing in CSV format

Import au format csvGéoclip is generally supplied with statistical data using Excel workbooks: this format is very common, visual and really convenient for organising your data. However, for large volumes of data, the limit of 65,536 lines per tab is reached very quickly. To be able to exceed this limit and enable faster loading of large datasets, the importing of data in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format has been introduced in the Géoclip management module. The same checking and validation mechanisms as those run

on Excel files are applied to the CSV files before they are definitively imported in the application.


  • Statistical confidentiality and profiles

Secret statistique et profilsGéoclip has for a long time incorporated functions of dynamic statistical confidentiality to protect data regarded as «sensitive» (values are only disseminated above a certain threshold). Statistical confidentiality is now even more modular since it also depends on user profiles.
For example, a «sensitive» indicator may be protected by a statistical confidentiality constraint for public users while remaining accessible without any restrictions for the analysts managing this indicator. This enables you to guarantee the protection of individual data without introducing more complexity in their administration.


  • Connecteurs CSV

Connecteurs CSVGéoclip generally handles data that is updated on an annual basis. Géoclip may also occasionally be used as a management tool for exploiting data that is updated more frequently (monthly or weekly). It would then be extremely tedious to import these data manually for each period. This is why statistical data connectors in CSV format have been introduced. Each month or each week, the CSV data are placed in a dedicated directory and Géoclip loads them completely autonomously. It is thus possible to set up a fully automated process for updating data.


  • Brand new customer space

Nouvel espace client The website was recently given a complete overhaul. At the same time, the customer space was also given a make-over and has been fully integrated into the site. Accessible only to administrators, after authentication, it is now the point of entry for all maintenance operations on a Géoclip application: software updates, downloading of the map converter, access to the online documentation. The content of the customer space has been enhanced with a version history that summarises, according to date, the new features, optimisations and corrections made to Géoclip.