géoterritoires hautsdefrance rapports

géoterritoires hautsdefrance rapportsGéoTerritoires, the territorial information system for the Hauts de France

The revision of the regional division leads the French regions to reorganise themselves and pool their resources. Thus, the merger between Picardy and Nord-Pas-de-Calais led to the transformation of the Picardy GIS Observatory into GéoTerritoires, the territorial information system for the Hauts de France. It is also an opportunity to upgrade the application of its Géoclip O3 + Géoclip mobile version to Géoclip Air, to give birth to a new tool, on a larger territory, with all the advantages of the new technologies used with Géoclip Air.

This new observatory enhances the Reports workspace. For example, one of the 3 reports proposed focuses on the observation of commercial activity, in the context of the departmental commercial development commissions.

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