Jason Mecier turns pop idol trash into glittery treasure with new exhibit

Jason Mecier turns pop idol trash into glittery treasure with new exhibit

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San fran(KTVU) You ever earn a piece for Prince? I get. Tweeted of which. I did it all with tapes as his background, Responses Jason Mecier, A phoenix based artist describing the work of art he was commissioned to create. He mostly makes mosaics and collages as a famous people portraits, But the interesting part is that often times his creations incorporate dancing with the stars personal belongings(Not in dictator case) Or even their garbage.

Outside Mecier and his partner Mission District flat of 20 years, Which enhances as his art studio on Guerrero Street, Weather is grey and rainy. It fittingly somber for a world freshly in shock over the celebrity death and a major one at that. Prince sudden passing just happened yesterday. Hasn essentially hit me yet, He echos. You consider it, Significantly David Bowie, We can pay attention to his music, But he don't ever sing again.

His foreseeable future exhibit, High profile Trash, At silicon valley 111 Minna Gallery runs May 2 through May 28, With an opening phone coverage Friday, Probably will 6. It all free and open to the public.

Like the thought that when I saying Celebrity Trash that it not being mean. It in which embrace the trashiness, He states.

The exhibit is a extension of Mecier Junk Drawer series, Which states glorify pop culture figures like Pamela Anderson, Phyllis Diller, As well as Amy Schumer; By salvaging their junk and waste.

Schumer sent me a dental professional dam. Not a single thing bothers me, He says when asked if he ever grossed out by any of the items sent from the heavens. Like an individual can things.

And that personal touch is how he justifies his range. Commission start at around $1,500, But for a wildly bejeweled portrait of P Funk Bootsy Collins that he recently fulfilled, You be spending more than 10 times that if you could afford it. One of some pieces he created in the likeness of the late comedian Phyllis Diller has gone for $7,500.

Was the first person to deliver me stuff. She posted me a box a month. I think it funny because a lot of it is anti itch creams and authorized meds where it literally says, Diller: Take at evening for itch.

He mentions more often than once how he really likes it if he can get his hands on something with their name printed on it. Afterward, He shows me the notorious Madam Heidi Fleiss United Airlines frequent flyer card that he received combined with ragged and knotted bird toys. He explains that in more today's world, Fleiss has developed into bird lady having inherited some 50 exotic birds from another madam. He looks toward making her portrait.

Many of his pieces are including Warhol, In that it mixes commercialism with superstars in a campy, Too much way. Diller even posed together along with your ex own portrait before she passed, As have many others who've been subject to Mecier renderings. Consist of; Betty light colored, Hugh Hefner (Whose face he proud to have hanging in the Playboy Mansion), Andy Cohen, Rupaul, Enormous Ang, Elvira of the Dark and hosts of other marketers.

Only things I don like are issues that are hard to glue down. Ingredients that fall off. Subject theme wise, I down for money.

Numerous completed pieces are massive, But astoundingly don weigh as much as they look.

Not fat. A lot of, He thinks they are under 50 pounds. Are painful because there layers. It's important to put heavier stuff underneath, Small-scale stuff on top, Or like accumulation certain areas. It an challenging labor of love, Best seen close up.

I like the part where I on my computer doing my layout, Making my color alternatives. Working. The typical stuff. It really dawdling. Actually putting it as one is a chore. It the faces I will have to labor on.